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pending statement 2018

This statement can be regarded as a general devise explaining terms of life in general. How things really hanging together? Viewing it from distance with sharp lins. How can I declare this being understood? First. Basically by my interest in human behavior from early years. Something that lead into study behavior science at Uppsala University. Parallell to this process encounting all kind of spiritual teachers of value at that time. Later becoming an litterary expert on Schopenhauer, Kant, B.Russell & Carl.C Jung. From this theological, litterarian safe corners floating into a fusion music world balancing the newly discovered depth starting with Jimi Hendrix, Errol Garner, Quincy Jones passing through Miles David further to extremes like Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans & Esbjörn Svensson..

Initially its important to recognize that litterature is known mostly by hearsaying originating at the earliest 600years back. This doesnt mean that people in general suddently starts to read one or five printed books when invented?. Can not be a controversial dilemma. To the next level. How many, who and what subject do people choose to read about.? Now it starts to be painful. Even individuals accessing normal brain capacity has to be socially shaped in a stimulating environment for honestly picking up a sincere interest choosing a healthy direction. Facts worth knowing. Like solid conclusions explaining conditions of biological life, not which leader who orchestrated the most valid religious system. Or, why not? Why our heart is pounding without any real valid explanation?

Equipped with aboved mentioned intellectual & emotional ammunition, drained in an lingvistic framework where every paper to published book had to be examined down to the letter alouding lincense to fly. With this at hand I consiously state: Human beings is only a title refering to our spieces. No more. The validity is as fragile as calling the nearest passing bear, John, the nice guy from Brixton. With this being said I wish to set my mental map. Not much of what has been claimed as being our human history flown over thousands of years has actually occured as told. Its all an illusion. Story`s has travelled from ear to ear, sparsely through book to tabel. And when reality started charging into overspeed when our forfathers discovered the conditions for outer space. Well, then things really got out of hand. Fear kicked in seriously, blocking not only our general potential ever finding out the real truth during a lifetime. But, also impacting practical life, here and now. The monetary system and it`s scam construction. Thereby incapacitate each one of us day by day quality walk. On top physiologically being poisned by the Global media daily cover up having one main aim. Restrain each individual capacity ever finding autonomity as well as a explaining the codes behind life itself. Who we are, what we are made off and who is finally guiding "the game"?. Cause if we would, nothing would stay the same, ever. And the rulers would loose their grip when all of us would implode. Start behaving without hope. Leaving our hypnosis behind. Drop All world wide religious guide-lines and gear up into monster mood. Look around you. Be what our history tells us. Ruthless when bored. (to be continued during summer 2018).

Carl Naeselius, Prof.emeritus